This is the first book report that I’ve written in a great number of years, so please forgive me for any roughness, or even incompleteness that the following may entail. I hope to provide a summary and review the many takeaways from the book Essentialism, by Greg McKeown, both for my own reference purposes later as well as for anyone who manages to stumble upon this post.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. The 90 Percent Rule
3. The Power of Small Wins
4. Routine
5. Finding the Right Path
6. Essential Intent
7. The slowest hiker
8. Doing less is hard
9. Uncommit
10. Final Thoughts

The index card version of this book would probably be a bold-printed single line: “Less but better.” In other words, pick a thing that fits your top rated criteria and reject anything that doesn’t move you toward achieving that thing. Do one thing at a time, really well, because if you try and “do everything,” you’ll make very tiny amounts of progress in lots of different directions (and not end up making any significant progress in any of them) rather than a significant amount of progress in the direction you’d like to be going.

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