profile_pic1The name m3wb was originally intended as a handle for my freelance webdesign work. It can be broken down as M + 3W + B: Mark (my first name), WWW (world wide web), and Brown (my last name). I liked the logo and ended up keeping the name on social stuff like Twitter and Instagram, so I decided to keep it for this blog as well.

I don’t do much web design anymore, it drove me crazy. And I’ve been sort of ping-ponging around in between things ever since my first dream died back in elementary school. That was a long time ago, but I’d never found something that really grabbed my interest.

Then one day I did.

After spending nearly five years living in Japan, teaching English and flirting with the web, I rediscovered a passion that had sat dormant for many years.  A passion for trauma medicine. LOL WHAT?! I grew up watching M*A*S*H*, the show Trauma on NBC was, and maybe still is my favorite show, and I watched a whole slew of medical shows, secretly wanting to be the one running IV lines, and bandaging up wounds.

I wanted to save lives; to enter into someone’s life at their scariest, darkest moment and do all things possible to bring them back to the world. It seemed strange but the many dreams I’d had of rescuing people from burning buildings and terrible car accidents is actually a job! And it’s a job that I can actually do. But there was something else, something more, a chance to serve my country and defend freedom. Although it sounds a bit cheesy and old fashioned, I think maybe the world needs a bit more of that from time to time. This is the story of what comes next.

Other places that I write:


If this blog is where the match takes place, the above blog is my training gym. The writing here is lose and often doesn’t make sense. They are often a running internal monologue (or dialogue depending on the day). There are no images or fancy themes, just words. I do writing drills here and much like a boxer hitting pads sometimes the posts are repetitive. Some posts are good, others dog crap. User beware; these often resemble the ramblings of an insane person.


Old blog… ‘nuf said.


This is a project I started in Japan to learn the beautiful art of pottery. A project that I hope to finish someday.


I sometimes write answers on Quora, but not often. I usually end up writing about things related to Japan and English grammar.


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