A WP homecoming party

I thought that it would be appropriate to start this blog with a post to let everyone know that this is the new home of m3wb.me

So why did I move back to wordpress?

Not gonna lie, the price is a huge driving factor. I can host a blog here for free if I want and if I don’t mind having “.wordpress” in the url. If I don’t want that in there, I pay $25- 30 a year for the custom domain. And that’s it. Pretty decent. Keep in mind that I’m talking about hosting at wordpress.com (not .org — that’s a different animal)

Ghost on the other hand (hosting with Ghost Pro, not independently) doesn’t have a free option and the basic plan, which I have now, costs me $96 a year and that does NOT include the domain name. For that I pay $18 to Hover (the best domain host I’ve used).

The other reason is that I moved to Ghost in the first place to spend some time working with Node.js which is what that platform is built in. WordPress is built in PHP and I’ve worked with the language while using Drupal for many years. I liked the idea of JavaScript used to manage the back-end of a site and saw it as the next “big thing” in web development. I also wanted to get away from PHP and saw lots of opportunities with JS in general.  Don’t ask me why, since I never formally learned PHP and didn’t do much ‘hacking’ in Drupal, but JS seemed the way to go.

It was a little after I started learning JavaScript that I made the decision to get out of web design completely (no Node.js isn’t that bad – actually it had nothing to do with my decision.) Read the story here. But it meant that I no longer have a need to be working in an environment build with Node.

Some surprisingly important little details: I like the WP user interface better. Ghost’s split screen view is cool, but the ‘markdown’ can be annoying at times. WP is more intuitive if you’re familiar with every other piece of writing software in the world. The free themes for WP are clean and work very well on all platforms, mobile to desktop. I felt that I had to buy a theme that I liked with Ghost.

Now we’re left with the minutiae: I want a dated archive of my posts, WP has is Ghost does not. I like to write a post and schedule it to publish later, I can do that with WP, not with Ghost. Lastly, I LOVE the “Read More” tag what WP has. I can control the length of the blurbs that show up in the post stream exactly how I want, which is something that I’ve always gotten frustrated with in the past.

Since there’s no free hosting plan with Ghost, that blog will no longer exist and I won’t be able to leave the posts up as archives. So I’m planning to copy over some of my favorite posts as well as some more popular posts so that they’re still accessible here.


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